WARNING: USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE! Zuble is currently an early stage prototype. As such Zuble is minimally tested and inherently unstable. It is provided for experimental, development, and demonstration purposes only. Zuble QML Types   |  Zuble C++ Classes   |  Zuble Overview
Zuble  0.1
Zuble Framework C++/QML extension API
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CZAndGateA software AND gate that monitors an arbitrary number of input properties from multiple objects and produces a single AND-ed output. When all inputs are true output is true. If any input is false output is false
 CZApplicationZuble's Singleton Application Object
 CZblAppThe primary QML API to the Zuble plugin library. Zuble applications access this object through the javascript global name "Zbl"
 CAppPtrA mechanism for safely holding a ZblApp object pointer in thread local storage
 CTimerMethodCallThis inner class allows ZblApp to store javascript function pointers that are used to provide timer support to Zuble background threads
 CZblCogMaintains a map of Zuble Sprockets and creates Sprocket object factories for javascript background threads. Manages Zuble resource plugins
 CZblcoreThe core Zuble QML Extension plugin class
 CZblDatabaseThis class allows QSqlDatabase objects to be accessed directly from QML code. (database sprocket)
 CZbldatabasePluginThe QML extension plugin class for the database sprocket
 CZblDataModelThis class is an implementation of an N+1 dimensional data store suitable for use as a generic QAbstractItemModel data container
 CZblErrorData object for thread local error status information
 CZblExceptionZuble's Qt Exception Object
 CZblFactoryAn object factory that creates new instances of objects defined by a Zuble sprocket. Used primarily to construct sprocket objects in Zuble background threads
 CZblJsonHelperConverts objects between JSON and QJSValue domains for a specific QJSEngine instance
 CZblLogAgentThis class provides a thread-safe log message back end for the Zuble log manager
 CZblLogBkSearchPerforms log file searches in a background thread
 CZblLogCategoryZuble objects embed this class to save local logging state
 CZblLogFileOutIFInterface for log output modules that perform file operations
 CZblLogLinkListThis class allows Zuble log file viewer text search operations to pass log record link parameters between threads
 CZblLogManagerThe Zuble Log Manager is a singleton object that controls logging in Zuble applications
 CZblLogMapLogmap objects contain a collection of compressed links to log records
 CZblLogMapDataThe implicitly shared data object encapsulated by ZblLogMap objects
 CMarkNodeA mark node is a compressed set of contiguous log record links
 CZblLogMarkDefines the location of a single log record in a log file
 CZblLogMessageThis class is used to transfer log messages between threads
 CZblLogOutputAbstract base class for Zuble log output modules
 CZblLogParamsThis class contains the Zuble logging parameters that control log output
 CZblLogReaderThis class performs log file I/O operations and JSON parsing in a background thread on behalf of a ZLogReader object
 CZblLogErrorA class for passing log file input error information
 CZblLogReclinkDataExplicitly shared data object encapsulates a list of log record links
 CZblLogRecordContains a cached representation of a log record
 CZblLogScannerLog record scanner/highlighter object encapsulates logic for locating and marking up search text
 CZblLogSearchThis object encapsulates search operation parameters, results, and steady state
 CZblLogSearchListThis class allows Zuble log file viewer text search operations to pass search results between threads
 CZblLogSearchParamsThis class allows Zuble log file viewer text search operations to pass parameters between threads
 CZblLogTargetIFInterface for logger backend target modules
 CZblLogTextFormatterIFInterface for log output modules that perform text formatting operations
 CZblLogWorkerThis class provides a thread-safe log message back end for the Zuble log manager
 CZblResourceRepresents a binary resource file created by Qt's resource complier
 CZblSprocketThis class holds the state for managing a Zuble sprocket
 CZblSprockObThis class acts as an object construction wrapper for objects defined in Zuble Sprocket plugins
 CZblTableCellA table cell object contains the data for its child cells and maintains the cell's positional relationship in the data model's N-dimensional table cell hierarchy
 CZblTableDataA table data object contains the role data and model item flags for a 2 dimensional array of model data cells
 CZblTableHeadersContains the data for data model column and row headers
 CZblThreadErrA class to manage Zuble's thread-specific state. This includes error propagation and thread abort handling
 CZByteArrayThis class supports streaming of text and binary data
 CZDataStreamReads and writes binary data to an i/o stream
 CZDirAccess and manipulate file directories. This class is a Javascript wrapper for QDir objects
 CZFileA javascript wrapper for QFile
 CZFileInfoA Javascript object for passing Zuble file information from C++ to Javascript. This is a wrapper class for QFileInfoList
 CZFileSystemWatcherThis class wraps QFileSystemWatcher and adds path reference counting
 CZioDeviceA javascript wrapper for QIODevice
 CZLogBookmarkEncapsulates information necessary to locate a collection of log records in a log file
 CZLogMapMaintains a list of log record links pertaining to a specific log file
 CZLogReaderA QML type that manages reading JSON formatted Zuble log files. QML programs create using Zbl.newLogReader()
 CZLogReclinkModelA data model containing a list of log record links. This is used for displaying a ZLogMap object
 CZLogSearchA wrapper for the explicitly shared ZblLogSearch object
 CZLogViewportA log viewport encapsulates a ZTableModel containing a contiguous subset of log records from a Zuble log file
 CZMailboxA two-way messaging communication channel that supports buffered message streams to multiple end points
 CZMailslotA two-way buffered message stream with attached user-defined data cache
 CZMapA Javascript dictionary object
 CZMessageQueueA message queue that decouples sending and processing of messages
 CZProcessQML/Javascript wrapper for the QProcess class, allows QML programs to spawn and communicate with a background operating system process
 CZResourceEdifyIFThis interface allows Qt applications to access Zuble's platform-independent binary resource management functions
 CZSchemaValidatorThis class wraps the QXmlSchemaValidator and QXmlSchema classes
 CZScopedMapA hierarchical map object for creating scopes
 CZScriptThreadA thread class to support Zuble's background Javascript processing
 CZScriptWorkerA class for executing javascript programs in a background worker thread
 CZSettingsWraps the QSettings class and implements a JSON-based backend for storing the settings data
 CSettingsBundleThis inner class allows ZSettings to store settings bundles
 CZsqlDatabaseA javascript wrapper class for QSqlDatabase objects. This object represents a database connection. (database sprocket)
 CZsqlErrorA Javascript wrapper for QSqlError objects. (database sprocket)
 CZsqlQueryA javascript wrapper class for QSqlQuery objects. This object represents a query on a database connection
 CZsqlRecordJavascript wrapper for a QSqlRecord object
 CZsqlResult(TDB: currently unused!)
 CZTableColumnDefines a column in a ZTableView
 CZTableColumnListDefines columns in a ZTableView
 CZTableFileThis class in theory allows reading and writing of ZTableModel objects to JSON files. (TBD: currently unused/untested?)
 CZTableModelThis two dimensional table model is used to store and manipulate data
 CZTextFeedThis class provides a means of directing a text stream to listeners
 CZTextStreamReads and writes UTF-8 text to an i/o stream
 CZxItemThis class allows Javascript programs to access QXmlItem objects
 CZxMessageHandlerA class to pass parsing error messages from QXmlQuery to a listener. The message is passed as a JSON object
 CZxMessageListenerClasses that listen for ZxMessageHandler messages derive from this class and override the zMessage() virtual method
 CZxQueryThis class provides access to the QXMLQuery class from Javascript
 CResourceUrlFileA class for opening XQuery resource files
 CZxResultItemsThis class provides access to the QXmlResultItems class from Javascript programs. It accumulates the results of an XQuery as an array of QXmlItem objects