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ZController QML Type

Loads and manages Zuble application control modules. More...

Import Statement: import controller .



Detailed Description

The Zuble QML stack defines a modular MVC architecure. The application main frame loads application control modules and views. Each control module provides its application data models. Application views display data from the models and send commands to the controller when data must be updated. Views are either workpads that display in the main applicatin window, or tools in the toolbox.

ZController providews a generic control module container. It loads ZControlModule-derived objects that act as controllers for Zuble applications. The modular controller architecture allows the creation of Zuble "applets" that conform to MVC and can be mixed and matched together within a single Zuble process.

The client interface to the control modules features a message-based protocol. Clients send command messages to the control modules and receive asynchronous responses when work is completed. This allows control modules to delete workpads arbitrarily without danger of corrupting the stack and provides a generic interface for asynchronous command processing.

Application designers can override Zuble's behavior by defining their own main controller module and loading that with the zblconfig.zml file's <controller> element. Zuble will load the alternate controller instead of this one.

Signal Documentation

moduleLoaded(string = moduleName)

Sent for each module after it has been loaded

Method Documentation

getControlModule( = moduleName)

Obtains the specified control module.

moduleName: Name of the module to return.