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Zuble Development Tools

Development Tools

Zuble is distributed with Zuble Sample Applications and a Unit Test Harness to assist in developing and testing Zuble applications.

Zuble Sample Applications

Zuble provides a set of sample applications that serve both as development tools and examples. These are as follows:

Since Zuble applications are modular, these tools can easily be packaged into new Zuble applications, allowing developers to build their own customized versions of development tools by adding their own workpads to the basic set provided by Zuble. Workpads can also be removed from the basic set by editing the customized application's zblconfig.xml file.

zub Console Application

zub uses the QQmlApplicationEngine class to host a non-GUI QML scripting environment that features the Zuble core plugin. zub is intended primarily for QML extension object development and testing, but it can also be used to build non-GUI console applications written in QML.

zub setup procedure:

Application Builder

The application builder allows developers to create new Zuble applications and deploy them into SNAP application files for testing.

XML Schema Validation Tool

This tools validates XML files against XML Schema files. It can be used to validate Zuble configuration files such as zblconfig.xml and zblsettings.xml

Logging Console

Zuble's logging console provides a log file viewer and a control panel for configuring the logger settings.

Javascript Console

An interactive Javascript shell for testing and evaluation of javascript code.